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STG 13. Jeffrey Epstein Death Bonanza

with Oliver Ayers and Bailey Davenport


Welcome back, Survivors! Today we celebrate the suicide/murder of notorious millionaire pedophile and sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein!! Unfortunately, with his death many of his wealthy and powerful clients get away free but that’s pretty standard patriarchal bullshit so let’s just be glad that this monster can’t hurt any more little girls! Tune in for the harrowing tale of the Lolita Express, Orgy Island, and other horrific things that the lamestream media will not publish. Thanks to the Miami Herald for breaking the Epstein Case way back and thanks to all the survivors of Epstein’s sex trafficking ring who risked everything to come forward.

Content Warning: child abuse, sex abuse, child sex trafficking, rape, consent, sex, incarceration, murder, assault.

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